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About Daikin

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How does Daikin provide absolute comfort?

Daikin is an advanced system solution that delivers:

  • The control that comes from superior system technology - one that constantly adapts to the exact needs of the user, creating a personalized comfort environment with maximum energy efficiency
  • The confidence of having customizable, space-saving solutions that can be seamlessly installed into any design, quickly, simply and cost-effectively
  • The flexibility of a modular system that can grow as your needs grow
  • The security of being covered by one of the best warranties in the industry

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Has Daikin been recognized by industry professional associations?

Daikin systems have been recognized around the world for our efficiency and reliable performance. Besides the many awards we've garnered, we're proud to be associated with many fine industry organizations. Click here to view our international accomplishments.

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What is Daikin's commitment to the environment?

Daikin believes that absolute comfort just isn't possible without a commitment to the planet's environmental well-being. As the only air conditioning equipment manufacturer producing its own refrigerant, we take this obligation seriously. Daikin produces energy-efficient refrigerants far more advanced than those used by our competitors. Click here for more about Daikin and the environment.

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What makes the Daikin Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) system unique?

At the heart of every Daikin VRV and VRV S series system is a unique and highly intelligent inverter-driven compressor. This advanced technology enables the outdoor unit to vary its operating speed according to the cooling or heating demands of the zones it controls. This results in more precise temperature control for an unparalleled level of absolute comfort, while delivering class-leading energy efficiency.

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What are the advantages of advanced zoning?

With Daikin multi-split or multi-zone systems, you get complete control over your environment, as each room or zone can have its own separate indoor unit (fan and heating/cooling coil) and thermostat. Unoccupied rooms or floors can be shut down individually to reduce energy costs. Plus, during construction or renovation of commercial or multi-family residential buildings, the system’s advanced zoning capabilities allow each floor to be occupied upon completion, while work progresses on other floors.

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Which structures work best for Daikin systems?

Daikin's advanced, reliable, energy-efficient and flexible VRV system delivers absolute comfort to buildings of almost all types. See how a Daikin system is ideal for:

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How does using REFNET piping make a difference?

Invented by Daikin, the REFNET piping system is easier to install and provides greater design flexibility than competitive systems. REFNET piping serves as the circulatory system of the Daikin installation. Compared to regular T-joints and headers, the unique REFNET design reduces installation time, increases system reliability and optimizes refrigerant flow.

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Can room temperatures be controlled remotely?

Yes. With Daikin's super-intelligent, user-friendly system controllers, you can create comfort quickly and easily. Their advanced functionality and easy-to-read liquid crystal displays (LCDs) allow you to orchestrate and monitor mode, temperature, time, airflow volume and more across your entire system at the touch of button.

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What is the warranty on Daikin products?

We offer one of the best warranties in the business. All Daikin systems and products are insured against defects in design, materials and workmanship. Click here to view current product warranties, as well as information about our extended warranty programs.

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