SkyAir System - Cooling Only


Daikin's Cooling Only SkyAir system provides comfortable cooling in a one-to-one application. With the ability to combine a quiet indoor unit with a variety of sleek indoor units such as the easily installed wall mounted unit, the concealed, built-in DC Duct unit, the comfort customizing roundflow sensing ceiling mounted cassette, or the slim, quiet operating ceiling suspended unit, Daikin provides the ultimate duct-free solution for large residential or light commercial projects. Cooling only models are a cost-effective solution for applications desiring cooling only capabilities or where heating is already provided by another system or simply unnecessary.

Indoor unit options:

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SkyAir SystemsSystem Capacity (KBtu/h)
  Indoor Unit Outdoor Unit 18 24 30 36 42 48
Cooling Only - Up to SEER 18.6 Wall-Mounted Unit
faq tavju RZR_TAVJU sys th 2 rzq pvju9 black dot4 black dot4        
DC Ducted Concealed
Ceiling Unit
sys th fbq pvju RZR_TAVJU sys th 2 rzq pvju9 16 black dot4
black dot4 black dot4 black dot4 black dot4 black dot4
Round Flow Cassette
RZR_TAVJU Untitled 1 19 black dot4 black dot4 black dot4 black dot4 black dot4 black dot4
Ceiling Suspended Unit
concealed suspended unit FXHQ MVJU3 RZR_TAVJU Untitled 5 25 black dot4 black dot4 black dot4 black dot4 black dot4  
Air Handling Unit
FTQ-TAVJU RZR_TAVJU Untitled 5 25 black dot4
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Zoning DZK Zoning Kit Assembly For FBQ_P Zoning Assembly for FXMQ_PVJU Zoning Kit All Units   black dot4 black dot4 black dot4 black dot4 black dot4 black dot4

black dot5  Available Combination
star ENERGY STAR® Certified

ENERGY STAR® and the ENERGY STAR mark are registered trademarks owned by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. ENERGY STAR products are third-party certified by an EPA-recognized Certification Body. Products that earn the ENERGY STAR prevent greenhouse gas emissions by meeting strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Proper sizing and installation of equipment is critical to achieve optimal performance. Split system air conditioners and heat pumps must be matched with appropriate coil components to meet ENERGY STAR criteria. Ask your contractor for details or visit


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Some Advantages are:

  • Perfect for price sensitive projects where the need for heat is minimal or another source is already provided
  • Inverter technology delivers precise temperature control and superior energy efficiency
  • Maximum piping length up to 230 ft. allows flexible placement of indoor unit
  • Maximum piping height separation up to 98 ft.
  • Quiet operation makes it ideal for many light commercial applications
  • Fully optimized for R-410A refrigerant
  • Self-diagnostic capabilities provides added reliability
  • World-renowned Daikin technician support and customer service
  • Pair with wall mounted units (FAQ), DC Duct Concealed Built-in units(FBQ), Air handling unit (FTQ), Roundflow Cassette unit (FCQ) or Ceiling Suspended units (FHQ)
  • Systems range from 18,000 Btu/h to 48,000 Btu/h
  • Low-ambient cooling capabilities down to 0°F (-17.7°C) with optional air adjustment grille(s)
 Type of UnitIndoor unitsOutdoor unitsAvailable
Operation range
Cooling - °F

Up to SEER 18.6

FAQ18TAVJU RZR18TAVJU BRC1E73, BRC2A71, BRC7E818 18,000 23-122
FAQ24TAVJU RZR24TAVJU BRC1E73, BRC2A71, BRC7E818 24,000 23-122
DC Duct Concealed FBQ18PVJU RZR18TAVJU BRC1E73, BRC2A71, BRC4C82, BRC082A43 18,000 23-122
FBQ24PVJU RZR24TAVJU BRC1E73, BRC2A71, BRC4C82, BRC082A43 24,000 23-122
FBQ30PVJU RZR30TAVJU BRC1E73, BRC2A71, BRC4C82, BRC082A43 30,000 23-122
FBQ36PVJU RZR36TAVJU BRC1E73, BRC2A71, BRC4C82, BRC082A43 36,000 23-122
FBQ42PVJU RZR42TAVJU BRC1E73, BRC2A71, BRC4C82, BRC082A43 42,000 23-122
FBQ48PVJU RZR48TAVJU BRC1E73, BRC2A71, BRC4C82, BRC082A43 48,000 23-122
FCQ18TAVJU RZR18TAVJU BRC1E73, BRC2A71 18,000 23-122
FCQ24TAVJU RZR24TAVJU BRC1E73, BRC2A71 24,000 23-122
FCQ30TAVJU RZR30TAVJU BRC1E73, BRC2A71 30,000 23-122
FCQ36TAVJU RZR36TAVJU BRC1E73, BRC2A71 36,000 23-122
FCQ42PAVJU RZR42TAVJU BRC1E73, BRC2A71 42,000 23-122
FCQ48TAVJU RZR48TAVJU BRC1E73, BRC2A71 48,000 23-122
FHQ18PVJU RZR18TAVJU BRC1E73, BRC2A71, BRC7E83 18,000 23 - 122
FHQ24PVJU RZR24TAVJU BRC1E73, BRC2A71, BRC7E83 24,000 23 - 122
FHQ30PVJU RZR30TAVJU BRC1E73, BRC2A71, BRC7E83 30,000 23 - 122
FHQ36MVJU RZR36TAVJU BRC1E73, BRC2A71, BRC7E83 36,000 23 - 122
FHQ42MVJU RZR42TAVJU BRC1E73, BRC2A71, BRC7E83 42,000 23 - 122
FTQ18TAVJU RZR18TAVJU BRC1E73, BRC2A71, BRC4C82 18,000 23 - 122
FTQ24TAVJU RZR24TAVJU BRC1E73, BRC2A71, BRC4C82 24,000 23 - 122
FTQ30TAVJU RZR30TAVJU BRC1E73, BRC2A71, BRC4C82 30,000 23 - 122
FTQ36TAVJU RZR36TAVJU BRC1E73, BRC2A71, BRC4C82 36,000 23 - 122
FTQ42TAVJU RZR42TAVJU BRC1E73, BRC2A71, BRC4C82 42,000 23 - 122
FTQ48TAVJU RZR48TAVJU BRC1E73, BRC2A71, BRC4C82 48,000 23 - 122

* 1 controller must be ordered with the unit. See engineering manual for more details