The performance standard has been set by Daikin.

Daikin VRV systems integrate cutting-edge inverter technology to give added control over the rotational speed of the compressor. This allows the amount of refrigerant flowing in the system to vary depending upon fluctuating needs, delivering maximum efficiency during partial load conditions and precise temperature control in all zones. With inverter technology, Daikin compressors run continuously (rather than ON/OFF) at a minimum variable speed to match the requirements of the current load.

This unique characteristic of variable flow / variable volume systems requires an equally unique set of testing parameters to rate the systems’ full and part-load cooling and heating capability and energy consumption. With the introduction of the AHRI (Air Conditioning Heating and Institute) Standard 1230 Certification Program, the industry has a testing method capable of accurately showing the performance of these systems. Daikin has been actively involved in these industry rating programs since their inception.

With this new efficiency data, Daikin’s VRV system has been validated as one of the most efficient heating and air conditioning systems available in the North American market, as well as the overall efficiency leader in the VRF category.

  • AHRI 1230 has test and rating requirements for VRF Multi-Split Air-Conditioning and Heat Pump Equipment.
  • It allows manufacturers to rate, test and certify their ratings
  • It provides the ability to show the true VRV benefits during part load cooling operation (IEER) and low outdoor ambient heating capacity
  • All efficiency values are based on the total system performance including:
  • Outdoor unit capacity output and power input
  • Indoor unit capacity output and power input
  • The tested piping length increases based on the increase in system capacity to reflect real life building performance
  • The efficiency levels shown are for Ducted, Non-Ducted and Mixed indoor unit combinations

Download a PDF copy of the VRVIII PB Series ratings here.

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