D-Net Remote Monitoring Program

Daikin can help keep your building running right.

Introducing Daikin D-NET, the network service system. We keep a watchful eye on your commercial systems 24/7, optimizing system operation based on your local weather, and looking for any signs that service may be required. Thanks to D-NET, Daikin equipment owners can enjoy lower energy bills, improved comfort and peace of mind.

Connect with Energy Savings 

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D-NET connects your equipment to our monitoring center over the web. We continually monitor more than 80 data points in your equipment, so we know exactly how your systems are performing. We also monitor weather conditions from more than 400 locations across the United States and Canada, so we know what kind of weather you’re up against.

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Putting this information together, we know if your systems can be optimized remotely to reduce your energy consumption. Typical energy savings have reached up to 20%. Based upon actual weather data, including temperature and humidity levels, plus current building conditions, the optimum energy-saving strategy is dynamically calculated and downloaded to your systems. Then we report on results and will recommend ways to further improve performance, based on accumulated history.

The Service Difference

Daikin’s unique monitoring capability doesn’t just look at hard numbers - it analyzes patterns of operational data. As a result, we can often anticipate issues before they reach a critical point. Equipment downtime is minimized, and maintenance effectiveness is increased. We can even advise maintenance personnel in advance if service is required, and what tools or components they should have to maintain your systems.

To order D-NET or for more information, please contact your local Daikin representative or distributor.

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