The Daikin Difference for Building Owners

Complete Temperature Control

Superior zoning capabilities. Energy efficiency. Unmatched reliability. Fast installation. These are just some of the attributes to consider when choosing an air conditioning system and Daikin provides them all, plus complete control of your building temperature — room by room and floor by floor.

Reduced Operating Costs

With Daikin’s VRV system, you can reduce costs by controlling each room individually. The system allows you to shut down operations in zones or rooms that are not in use. Plus, advanced inverter technology enables precise temperature control.

Efficient Pipe Design

Thanks to superior engineering, the distance between indoor and outdoor units can be as great as 540 feet. You can place Daikin’s outdoor units on the rooftop to free up valuable space inside.

Shorter Installation Time

The simplicity of Daikin’s wiring system and REFNET™ piping helps reduce both the time and cost of installation. What’s more, they can be installed on a floor-by-floor basis so occupants may move in as each floor is completed.

Continuous Reliability

Daikin’s VRV system virtually guarantees smooth, uninterrupted operation. Because each zone or room can be individually air conditioned, any problems that might arise can be resolved room-by-room or unit-by-unit, without disrupting operation to the entire building.