The Daikin Difference for Contractors

Easy Installations for Quick Turnaround

From the moment you study the blueprints to the time you complete the installation of any Daikin system, you’ll be amazed by how quickly and smoothly everything comes together. Compact and lightweight units along with flexible piping and wiring design simplify the entire process. For you, that means increased productivity and greater profitability.

Simplified Piping

Another Daikin innovation: our REFNET™ piping system substantially reduces the time and labor needed for installation. Unlike conventional duct systems, our systems are fully factory-engineered when delivered. Pipe sizing throughout the refrigerant network is determined by simple extraction from tabular data and/or from our proprietary software-based design tool, with distribution via REFNET joints and headers.

Easy Wiring

Daikin systems utilize non-shielded wiring and connections are non-polarized, enabling faster connections and fewer errors. The address of each indoor unit is set automatically as it’s connected, eliminating the need to set it manually.

Advanced Diagnostics

During operation, the advanced self-diagnostic auto-check function will alert you to a problem with the system so you can resolve it quickly and effectively. Error codes are also indicated on the remote controller to help pinpoint and solve problems easily.

Compact and Portable

Designed with superior space-saving capabilities, Daikin’s indoor units can be installed practically anywhere. Our lightweight outdoor units can be transported in building elevators without the need for special cranes or lifting equipment.