The Daikin Difference for Engineers & Architects

Technological flexibility – the engineer’s ambition. Freedom of design – the architect’s dream. At Daikin we’re doing all we can to help both realize their aspirations. Whether your job is implementing an electrical system or mapping our a blueprint, there’s a Daikin solution that can benefit you.

Daikin’s Proprietary Software Design Tools Helps You Manage Any Space

Daikin’s commitment to comfort includes easing the demands of your job. With our cutting-edge, proprietary system design & selection tools, you can tailor a system that:

  • Fits seamlessly into even the most awkward spaces
  • Calculates all system performances
  • Ensures that all necessary design parameters are included in specification and engineering drawings

Design-Friendly Piping Network

Our innovative Refnet piping network provides more flexibility for added customizable design options. With the Daikin VRV and VRV-S systems, you can install pipes up to 540 feet actual length between indoor units and up to 3,280 feet total length.

Easily Integrated, Easily Controlled

Streamline your central management and control facilities instantly with advanced Building Management Systems (BMS) via the Daikin BACnet® and LonWorks® Networks Compatible Gateways. Alternative BMS solutions can be provided with the use of Daikin interface PCBs.

Floor-by-Floor Installation

Our VRV systems make this possible with highly flexible wiring and REFNET™ piping. The VRV outdoor unit has an external static pressure of up to 60Pa (0.32" WG) this means that you can design a system with an outdoor unit located internally on each floor, with air exhaust circulating through short ductwork to the outside.